Timeless elegance

The 50s and 60s. Large travel bags to take with you on long journeys. The soft, spacious, comfortable bag for weekends in the country. The legendary bucket bags, with their basic design, a “never without” item for girls for all occasions night and day, a little black dress or jeans and a T-shirt. And then the belts; to be worn for a lifetime. And the desk set in dad’s study. Pieces for a lifetime, made of precious leather, crafted and sewn by hand. Objects to mark a page in costume history, the hallmark of an era, but also icons of timeless elegance. Saddlers Union and its creations. Since 1957, a small company founded by five master craftsmen in leather processing. A legendary address, in the sparkling Via Condotti in Rome, with its circle of Italian and international admirers, from Jack Lemmon to Virna Lisi, from Alberto Moravia to Gianni Agnelli and Jack Palance. A point of reference to the ultimate connoisseurs.


The legend is reborn

A myth reborn under the initiative of one of the most loyal fans of this historic brand. Micaela Calabresi Marconi, who in her daily life has been forever surrounded by that unforgettable world of objects. And to revive their allure, she has re-launched the brand with her brother Paolo Calabresi Marconi. "It was like taking a little journey back to the origins of style, seen as something subtle and unique and minimal in style, found in the most unexpected places, even in a small gesture and in the objects created by Saddlers Union, which express the elegance of living and feeling, " said Micaela Calabresi Marconi, who in undertaking this adventure wanted to choose an unique location, in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the brand.

The new boutique at via Margutta 11

Via Margutta, the road of artisans, the most beautiful road in the world. The Roman Montmartre, secluded, quiet, but in the heart of the city. Here, at number 11, exactly in front of the house where Federico Fellini resided, we find the new Saddlers Union’s boutique. A place where only those who want to really get there will arrive. No sign. A shop that looks like a house, cosy, private. A craft (an artisan) workshop, with its laboratory in the back to personalize and repair its creations for those who love their favorite Saddlers Union items and do not want to separate from them. Where every bag and accessory is shaped to the size of individual desires and embellished by a monogram. A sign of a luxury that does not want to show off and for this in itself is exclusive.

Unique items from the historical archives

Today as in the past, each object is unique, completely handmade with the finest leather. And, for those who choose it, the object becomes part of their world, their home, their travels.  Objects that are more and more beautiful and valuable with the passing of time, because more used and true. At via Margutta 11, nostalgic and new fans can find objects recreated exactly as they are in the historical Saddlers Union’s archives. Bags for men and women, work and travel accessories, belts and a home collection.

Small, exclusive, updated objects

To make the concept more complete and of more topical interest, small, discrete updates have been performed upon design by Micaela Calabresi Marconi. For instance, the bucket bag, an icon which is now available also in a medium and mini size. Or the iPad case, bracelets and leather clutch bags decorated with small studs.

From the heart of Rome to the rest of the world

And from via Margutta 11, Saddlers Union wants to distribute its creations in the most exclusive boutiques and stores of Italy and abroad. The collection can be found in Italy, UK and US.